How To Create A Product

A quick summary of How To Create A Product

Create a product

This tutorial requires you to complete the following steps / tutorials (with links):

  1. Go to and create a new repository. Name the repository "test_product". The _product suffix is important so that Phovea knows that it is a Product. Don't create a README.
  2. Clone it locally: Open a terminal and enter: git clone<username or organization>/test_product.git
  3. Initialize product
cd test_product
yo phovea:init-product

Follow the wizard

Plugin name: test_product
Description: A test product
Leave project homepage and author's credential as they are
Service type: Web
Service name: Testservice
Primary respository: <username or organization>/test
Primary repository branch: develop
Additional plugins: ENTER
Add custom additional plugins: N
Add another service: y
Service type: Rest-API
Service name: test_server
primary repository: phovea/phovea_server
primary repository branch: develop
Add custom additional plugin? N
Add another service? N
  1. Commit changes
git add .
git commit -m "Initial commit"
git push