<!-- TITLE: Cheatsheet --> Prerequisite: Install Phovea generator -------------------------------------- ``` sudo npm install -g yo generator-phovea ``` Initialize a new Phovea plugin ------------------------------ ``` mkdir name_of_new_plugin cd name_of_new_plugin yo phovea ``` Depend on another plugin or library ----------------------------------- ``` cd name_of_new_plugin yo phovea:add-dependency ``` Define a new extension point ---------------------------- ``` cd name_of_new_plugin yo phovea:add-extension ``` Launch a Phovea application ---------------------------- ``` cd name_of_new_plugin npm install npm run start ``` Update project template ----------------------- to get latest project updates and bugfixes ``` npm install -g github:phovea/generator-phovea cd name_of_plugin yo phovea:update ``` Use a workspace --------------- If you are developing multiple plugins at the same time a "workspace" using [Docker](https://www.docker.com/) and [Docker Compose](https://www.docker.com/products/docker-compose) can make the process easier. Creating a workspace this way also generates a PyCharm project. The basic idea is to use the parent directory of the plugins, so that they can share a common npm installation and docker setup. Make sure you have NPM, Yeoman, [Docker](https://docs.docker.com/engine/installation/) and [Docker Compose](https://docs.docker.com/compose/install/) installed. ``` mkdir workspace cd workspace git clone https://github.com/phovea/phovea_server.git # AND/OR clone any other repos that you will need. yo phovea:resolve yo phovea:workspace npm install docker-compose up ``` To add other Phovea plugins, halt Docker by hitting ctrl-C, and then: ``` # For example, if you want to support interactions with a SQL database: git clone git@github.com:phovea/phovea_data_sql.git yo phovea:resolve yo phovea:workspace npm install docker-compose build api docker-compose up ``` ### Launch a Phovea application ``` npm run start:name_of_application ``` ### Clone an existing Phovea plugin ``` cd workspace yo phovea:clone ``` ### For Each e.g., pull all git repos ``` cd workspace ./forEach git pull ``` Setup workspace from product definition --------------------------------------- The generator contains a special command to setup a workspace based on a Phovea [product](https://github.com/phovea/phovea_docs/wiki/Nomenclature#product) definition. This will clone all the repositories, download data packages, install dependencies, and build docker for you. By convention, product definition repositories are ending with the `_product` suffix. For example, setting up the workspace for TaCo: ``` yo phovea:setup-workspace taco_product ```