<!-- TITLE: Adding Server Dependencies --> <!-- SUBTITLE: A quick summary of Adding Server Dependencies --> This section describes how to update any requirements you have for the server component of your app. There are two important steps to consider: # Update requirements.txt in your project repo You you will notice that you have a requirements.txt file both in your project repo (say for your server) and in the workspace directory. While editing the file in the workspace directory will work for you locally, any changes made in the workspace itself cannot be shared with collaborators or on a deployment. This means that you must update the requirements.txt file in your project repo first. Afte ryou have done that, proceed to the next section to see how to update the workspace requirements.txt (and other) files. # Updating the workspace files Once you have modified your requirements.txt file inside your project directory, we can go back to the workspace and tell phovea to rebuild the workspace files. This can be down either with ``` yo phovea:workspace ``` or ``` yo phovea:update ``` . # Updating your api Because you've changed the requirements for your app, you will need to rebuild the api. This means that docker will go through the dockerfile, which includes instructions to go through the requirements.txt file, and install any new requirements. Rebuilding the api can be done with ``` docker-compose build api``` (api is a placeholder for the name of the service as you have it set up in docker-compose. If your service has a different name, insert that instead of 'api'.